Splendor board game

Splendor board game – Collect those jewels

by KillerMjauon April 25, 2016
In Splendor you try to collect better and better jewels and if you are really successful you might just get some notice from one of the nobles and that can win you the game. The board is built up with three rows of cards and each of the rows represents different tiers. Next to the […]

Bubble Bobble – Enter the dragon(s)

by Mark Lamyon April 14, 2016
Platform: Nintendo NES Publisher: Taito Developer: Taito Genre: Platform In Bubble Bobble (Baburu Boburu original Japanese title) you play as one of two dragons that for some reason must travel to the Cave of Monster for an adventure, so what are you waiting for – Let’s go! The layout looks like another classic NES game, […]
F-zero mute city

Some tips on great retro game tunes

by Mark Lamyon April 14, 2016
OK, to start – there are way too many great and awesome retro game tunes out there and this post could in some cases just be compiled with music from one and the same game. We will do follow up post and give tips about great gaming music, retro and present, but this is a […]

Filler games – great way to mix things up!

by KillerMjauon April 3, 2016
Shorter and quicker board games are usually referred to as “filler” or “filler games”. Filler here means games that are quite quick to play and can be played to mix things up between heavier games. In short I would say a filler is a game which: Has a short play time (a game can be […]
Ticket to ride review

Ticket to ride – Let the train adventure begin

by KillerMjauon March 22, 2016
A great gateway into board gaming is Ticket to ride. In this game you play a railroad tycoon that is trying to expand your railroad network. Your only issue is that there are other tycoons expanding their routes on the same board and there might be a couple of collisions along the way. But is […]
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