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Black ops 2 update

by on May 3, 2012

Treyarch is back with the new Black Ops 2 game. As we wrote about here on Monkeyphatt previously, the game was announced during the NBA playoff match 1st of May and based on the trailer it looks like even more action packed gadget fueled action to come.

In Black Ops 2 the story has shifted from the past to the near future and it seems to be just as full with conflicts around the globe as usual. Based on the interactive trailer released by Call of Duty, Moore’s law of Technology is truer than ever before. New technology opens up a new type of warfare and this you’ll get to experience through Black Ops 2. You’ll go from firing the ballistic knife in the first Black ops to remote detonating bombs and see through walls in the new game.

In the trailer the focus is on technology and weaponry used by special forces and there we would say is the big difference between the Modern Warfare 3 game and Black ops 2. Here you’ll, just as in the first games campaign, use a lot of cool gadgets and high tech equipment to complete the missions.

Next generation warfare is here; let’s see how Treyarch takes care of what looks to be a great gaming experience.