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Dead Space 3 announced, Co-op campaign confirmed

by on June 5, 2012

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With Dead Space 2 being such a huge success for Electronic Arts and Visceral Games, another sequel to the franchise was inevitable. The big news here is the direction they’ve chosen to take in this new iteration.
The campaign is fully cooperative, giving you the control of either series veteran Isaac Clarke or the new character Sergeant John Carver, with extra story sequences and details revealed only when playing with a coop partner.
Other new features include the addition of armed human enemies, a cover system and a mechanic that lets you combine two weapons to be used simultaneously.
Check out the gameplay walkthrough below.

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While my initial reaction to this announcement was very negative, after the initial chock wore of and I watched the above gameplay video, my concerns have been somewhat lessened. For me, Dead Space is about the ambience, atmosphere and horror factor more than the (albeit excellent) action oriented gameplay. My fear is that the former will be left out or underemphasized in favor of introducing this new character and multiplayer mode. However, judging from the walkthrough, there still seems to be quite an amount high pressure situations to stress out over, and the injection of personality through the Uncharted-esque character dialogue is certainly welcome.

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