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Dumb ways to die – Simple yet fun!

by on December 11, 2013

Fun and dumb time-waster that’ll keep you going.

Very amusing and maybe not the best game if you are really competitive. Dumb ways to die is based on the cute short series on YouTube, dumb ways to die brings out a cleaner version of macabre kill scenes in a kids cartoon format, similar to Happy little tree friends.

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And the game? Well, it is fun and some of these 15 mini games are very creative, but some are harder to get, especially as it goes faster and faster all the time.

Personally I like the format. You do not have to sink in a lot of time and it is easy to go in for a quick time run challenge.

Dumb ways to die

The good:
Simple and additively fun!
The bad:
A bit too simplistic and repetitive.