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*UPDATED* E3 2013: inFamous Second Son – E3 Trailer + Gameplay!

by on June 11, 2013

Sony has released a new trailer for the followup to SuckerPunch’s inFamous series. This one provides us with a bit more insight in the personality of game protagonist Delsin Rowe, as well as introduce us to his older former (?) cop brother.

Delsin seems to have a more easy-going, cocky attitude than the tormented, bitter rasp we’ve come to know and love from Cole McGrath of inFamous 1 & 2 fame. It also appears as if his brother will be taking the place of Zeke as a supporting character, this time being the more balanced, responsible of the two. This flip in character traits seems like a good way to point out that they are not simply retreading the footsteps of the previous titles, but are making an effort to tell a new story in the world they’ve created. Although, from the gameplay footage contained within the trailer, there are some things that I feel are remarkably similar to things we’ve seen before. Like the floating mechanic, the striking animation and the shooting of bolts of fire/lightning from your hands from an over-the-shoulder perspective.

Since Cole got the ability to manipulate fire and/or ice in infamous 2, exactly what new mechanics Second Son will introduce remains to be seen. But even if they haven’t completely reinvented the formula, an infamous game that looks this good is something to look forward to no matter what.

Either way, son has announced that the game is set to be released sometime in the Q1 of 2014.





Sony just hit us with 6 minutes of in game footage, showing how it looks in motion.
I’ve got to say, it’s looking pretty sharp. The aforementioned similarities are still there, but the smoke mechanics as well as the environmental destructibility were fantastic. Delsin also seems to have a few more moves to stay in the air longer, and it seems like he’s a bit more agile than Cole.

Either Way, I’m pumped to see what else this game can deliver.