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E3 2013: Killer is Dead Gameplay Trailer

by on June 12, 2013

A new trailer showcasing gameplay from that new Suda 51 joint confuses, disturbs and slightly arouses.



At this point, I’m not sure if liking Suda 51 games is a sign of some latent mental illness, but his latest venture into the nonsensically insane seems like a new bizarre high in his morbidly unique style. A high like he finally caught the dragon, wrestled it down into a juicer and distilled a new kind of crazy from it. Whether or not his expressions are a beckoning to some dark god of madness or he’s simply operating on a level incomprehensible to us meek sheep will have to be left for posterity, but in case this created a lust for more weirdness you can take a look at the announcement trailer right here.