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E3 2013: Mirrors Edge 2 announced!

by on June 11, 2013


The high altitude parkour simulator is now officially returning! Rumors of the Mirrors Edge franchises continued existence have been inferred by numerous winks, nods and statements from within EA’s walls for quite some time. While the original was met with very mixed reactions; ranging from those who pointed to it as proof that first person platforming couldn’t be done to those who lovingly embraced it as a unique evolution of the perspective; it has undoubtedly been influential to how FPS games are choosing to handle movement and traversal.

Looking at the above teaser, we can see that they are sticking with their clean, slick visual design, albeit with more impressive graphics, which is to be expected. Seeing as she is getting her iconic tattoos as part of the announcement it could imply that the new game is taking place before the events of the original. But I guess we’ll have to wait and see until more information is made available.

The final screen reveals that it’s “Coming… When it’s ready”, which possibly means that we shouldn’t expect a lot more news very soon, and that it might not be scheduled to release alongside the new consoles coming this fall.