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E3 2013: The Walking Dead: 400 Days Trailer

by on June 13, 2013

Are you ready to stomach another heart-wrenching story from TellTales The Walking Dead? How about five?

TellTale has been talking about more content for The Walking Dead for a while now, and finally they’ve given us some details.

Five stories, with five main characters contained within one episode that apparently takes place around the gas station so prominently featured in the opening of the trailer. Also, the choices you made in the main game will carry over into this in some way. Previous reports also state that this is supposed to bridge the gap between the original and whatever they have planned for the sequel.

I’m incredibly hyped for this. The Walking Dead struck a chord with me that no other media experience has previously or been able to since. I’d tell you that I would keep you updated as more information is made available, but honestly I don’t want to know anything more about this until I can see it for myself.