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Gauntlet 2 – True grinding!

by on May 30, 2014

This might be my favorite game on The NES system. Just the possibility to together with one or more buddies take care of the endless on slaughter of beasts and monsters was more than enough for a young lad.


And “endless” is really a keyword that applies to Gauntlet. There are around 500 plus levels and you might not manage all the way there. What makes this game versatile is that the tempo and hardness goes up and down, this means that it’s not just 0-100 in toughness.


The game is from a top-down perspective and it’s not really a lot to say about the character design as you barley can make out details, but there is clearGauntlet_2_NES_ScreenShot4 distinction between different enemy types. One downside is that there are no real distinct playable differences between the four playable characters (elf, warrior, Valkyrie and wizard). An extra layer of class difference would have made the experience much more interesting.

Overall, this is a true gem in the NES universe and still very playable (compared to some other NES titles – yeah, I’m thinking about you Top Gun!). If you haven’t played this, make sure to set aside a whole weekend for some dungeon crawling awesomeness.