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Ghost Recon Future Soldier – First Look

by on May 3, 2012

Ghost Recon Future Soldier looks to be shaping up into a real nice shooter, coming out this month, May 25th. If it plays as well as it looks in this walkthrough (see video below), then I’ll be all over it. Add the multiplayer mode for me and my buddies and we’re all good.

Some of the options in this game are just blowing my mind, like the ‘gunsmith‘ option. This is where you can configure all your weapons with up to 20 million configurations, that’s insane! Yes I said 20 million!

With all the news about Blacks Ops 2 lately I can’t help but think this will either fill the void to November 13th (Black Ops 2 release date), or be a big disappointment. Lets hope it’s the first!

Lets fist pump to that!

For those wanting to get in on the action early have a look at the Ghost Recon Beta.

Check back soon for the full review of Ghost Recon Future Soldier!