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God of War “Ascension” trailer, leaked through Amazon

by on April 19, 2012

A few days ago, Sony announced a coming announcement with a cryptic image making revenge seem all awesome and stuff.

Yesterday, without any of the fanfare Sony no doubt had planned for this occasion, the trailer was posted on Amazon with a pre-order listing of the game.


I just saw this, and frankly, I’m quite pissed. God of War was a defining game in the character action genre. It popularized and introduced new ideas and conventions which have echoed through the industry since. The series has always set a very high standard in terms of accessibility, story and scale, and it is a franchise I will always hold close to my heart.

But really sony?
We’ve already had three games in the main story as well as two spin-off prequel PSP titles. The series has ended, and Kratos is done. Just get over it Sony, please?
Sure, you want to utilize the “God of War” name for a sweet new character action title? Awesome, go for it! Just have the courtesy of at least giving us a new protagonist, and preferably even a new setting, or time period, or anything. Invigorate the franchise, and use this opportunity to hook us on something that hasn’t been done to death literally five times already.

Granted, the official announcement has yet to be made, and details are scarce at best. However if what the trailer implies is true, I couldn’t be more┬ádisappointed with this announcement.