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Mega Man X – New direction in the series

by on February 25, 2016
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Originally released for the Famicom back in 1993, Mega Man X makes a return on the iPhone. So is it just as good as many of us remembered?

The game was the first step away from the original Mega Man series (known as Rockman in Japan) and with that came a slight difference in the game play. One of the biggest difference being that you in Mega Man X actually can upgrade X’s health and armor. Another thing that changed was also that the bosses, here known as Mavericks, no longer had cool names like Shadow Man, Magnet Man and Snake Man.

In my opinion the deviance from the original path was a right move. Mega Man X broadened the fan base and even though it is still a hard game, you had a more fighting chance. Mega Man X takes place far in the future from the last game and X was the last creation of Doctor Thomas Light. This game also introduces a new protagonist named Zero – a super cool looking character, which unfortunately didn’t take up enough space in the game (not to worry, Zero makes a bigger impact in later Mega Man X games).

Mega Man X also featured a new enemy. Instead of trying to defeat the evil Dr Wily, you now face off against the vicious Sigma. And he looks the part, believe me.

So how does Mega Man X fare on an iPhone?

In my opinion this is a perfect iPhone game. I’ve always been strong believer that platform games and shooters like Dodonpachi Resurrection HD makes the perfect games for iPhone.

Everything is still in there for Mega Man X. The sound quality and score is just amazing (Alfa Lylia – Capcoms in-house band at that point really did a great job). I’ve seen some comments about the game that people are complaining that the graphics looks a bit too refined, which I can agree with, but it still has the old school gaming aspect.

The only thing about the game that I found was a bit annoying sometimes is the controls. Overall they did a great job with the handling, but in stressful times in the game you can feel that you accidentally miss or do the wrong move because the controls don’t respond right.

I would say that this is a perfect game for the iPhone and in comparison to many of the ported games, a real steal. If you haven’t check it out yet, do!

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