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Minigore 2: Zombie – go for the kill!

by on December 12, 2013

Slash/shoot em’ up game with a cute boxy design. Is it just bells and whistles?

Some games really does beautiful on phone and pad devices. One of the biggest thing this game got going for it is a really good looking design.

Minigore 2: zombie

Game play is simple and very much like any standard shoot em’ up – point and shoot. You constantly receive drop boxes with ammo and other weapons. Unlike other zombie games, you will in Minigore 2: Zombie receive a lot of ammo, which loses some of the usual zombie aspect: constantly low on bullets and chasing for supplies.

Minigore 2: zombie

At a first glance any shoot em’ up grind game can look and feel repetitive and as you basically swing away all the time, you don’t need a strategy to move forward. Minigore 2: Zombies is no different. The thing that will pull you back in for more is the overall experience: nice looking game, level grinding, gore and more gore.

The good:

Nice graphic and design.

Easy to pick up and grind away!


The bad:

Can get repetitive after a while.

No real strategy needed to move forward in the game.