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PlanetAxel.com has gone Bankrupt!

by on July 10, 2012

Online retailer PlanetAxel.com/ (formerly AxelMusic.com) has closed down. The front page has the following to say on the subject:

It is with great sadness, deep regret and utter embarrassment that we announce the closure and bankruptcy of PlanetAxel.com

On Monday afternoon, June 18th, 2012 the board of directors have informed us that no further investment will be made in the company. This comes in light of the recently finished 2011 financials which showed such an insurmountable deficit and loss to company value that a swift decision was made almost overnight.

This is a real shame, since PlanetAxel always have been a great place to find good prices on gaming software, cd’s dvd’s and blu-rays. AxelMusic.com was the first online shop I frequented in search of import titles and cheap games.
Thus ends a legacy of great gaming bargains, and here’s to hoping that the owners are doing OK and will move on to new successes.
If you’ve recently ordered from the site, take a look at the site index for instructions on how to check if you’ve been affected.