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Bubble Bobble – Enter the dragon(s)

by on April 14, 2016
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One of the dragons in BubbleBobble

Platform: Nintendo NES
Publisher: Taito
Developer: Taito
Genre: Platform

In Bubble Bobble (Baburu Boburu original Japanese title) you play as one of two dragons that for some reason must travel to the Cave of Monster for an adventure, so what are you waiting for – Let’s go!

The layout looks like another classic NES game, Ice Climber. Each stage is packed with monsters and enemies that you will have to clear before moving on to the next level.

So what do you have in your arsenal to fight these vicious creatures of the cave? Well you got bubbles…But, the work pretty good. This is a great weapon design from Taito, the developers. The bubbles move quick slowly towards the enemies which ads to a slightly claustrophobic feeling, especially when in later stages where there are even more stuff to fight off and trickier level designs. You will have to first hit your foe with a bubble, which makes them spin around in the air for some reason, and then knock their bubble to take them out completely.

Example of the game play in BubbleBobble

One really cool feature with Bubble Bobble is that you can actually play with a friend simultaneously! Imagine hocking up your game and playing together at the same time! Not a lot of NES games had that capability. Playing together is actually really fun and at the same time ads more to the game. You race through the stages and both are trying to score as much as possible.

So is this for everybody? I would say that there is something in Bubble Bobble for everybody. You got simple, yet addictive game play. I get the same feeling as with Pac-Man, Tetris or as with Ice Climber, basic game play design, yet I can’t put down the controller. Sometimes games don’t have to have in-depth game play to pull you in. Sometimes there is enough with a little dragon shooting bubbles at bad guys.

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