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Some tips on great retro game tunes

by on April 14, 2016

OK, to start – there are way too many great and awesome retro game tunes out there and this post could in some cases just be compiled with music from one and the same game. We will do follow up post and give tips about great gaming music, retro and present, but this is a great starting point with some unique and memorable moments in gaming music history.

Altered beast – Theme of the beast.

Side scrolling action which just becomes so much better with this true classic tune to lift up the game play.

Castlevania Dracula X – Bloody Tears

intense battle – intense music! Great example where the music really pushes the action. Bloody Tears is a roller coaster and goes both up and down in tempo. It surely has the real Castlevania feel with high tempo pop over organ music.

F-Zero – Mute City

You really feel the Sci Fi element through this classic racing game. Flying through the stage with Mute City on full blast is a true childhood memory for me. We will most likely come back to the F-Zero soundtrack, as it defined the 16 bit sound so much.

Mega Man 3 – Shadow man stage music

What a great game overall. By far the best Mega Man installation for me on the NES. The stage music that for me defines the classic NES game sound would be the Shadow man stage. Up tempo beats with in a pop style.

Super Mario World

The terrifying and menacing music in the castles. Still holds up as a great example of a game that can both be cute and sugary sweet with the music and yet have a darker and menacing side to it.

Outrun – Splash waves

Great arcade experience and a with the right music to get you into the Miami vice feel. Splash waves really represent that easy go lucky feel the game has. With the girl at your side and wind in your hair and some fast pace music in the background – Outrun is a great audio and visual representation of a decade in game history.

Space Harrier

Some of the tracks in the game are not maybe 100% there, but there are some great retro game classic tunes there.

Wonder Boy

Hard to pick one tune of them all. But personally it’s the boss battle tune with this very special beat and drums that tells you that it’s about to go down for real and you better bring your A game.

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