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Gamex 2013 is here in Sweden

by Mark Lamyon November 2, 2013
Gamex 2013 is here!

Playstation 4 Killzone: Shadow Fall

by Mark Lamyon February 22, 2013
Playstation 4 demo of Killzone: Shadow Fall on the Jimmy Fallon show. These guys really know how to play. You also get to see the new playstation 4 controller up close and personal, looks awesome! Now we just need to see some pictures of the console Sony.

Watch Dogs announced by Ubisoft

by Chikushoon June 5, 2012
    Ubisoft treated us to this cryptic trailer for the upcoming title Watch Dogs, which introduces us to a terrifying near future world of complete private corporate information control. While this certainly paints an intriguing picture, nothing from the show has blown my mind quite as efficiently as the 10 minute gameplay footage released […]

Heavy Rain developer announces Beyond: Two Souls

by Chikushoon June 5, 2012
  Quantic Dream (creator of Heavy Rain and Indigo Prophecy/Fahrenheit 911) has announced their new PS3 exclusive title Beyond: Two Souls. The trailer features a silent and confused girl being questioned by a concerned police officer regarding her identity and why she was out in the middle of nowhere all by herself, before the station […]

Dead Space 3 announced, Co-op campaign confirmed

by Chikushoon June 5, 2012
With Dead Space 2 being such a huge success for Electronic Arts and Visceral Games, another sequel to the franchise was inevitable. The big news here is the direction they’ve chosen to take in this new iteration. The campaign is fully cooperative, giving you the control of either series veteran Isaac Clarke or the new […]