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Pure awesomeness: Cyberpunk 2077

by Linkeon May 9, 2013
As CD Projekt RED is my most respected studio of all time since their debut with The Witcher, and then The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings, I am very eager to get my hands on their new project; Cyberpunk 2077. Unfortunately, there’s not yet many details to be found about this game, other than some conceptual art […]

Bethesda brings you Wolfenstein: The New Order

by Linkeon May 8, 2013
It’s official! Bethesda yesterday unveiled Wolfenstein: The New Order, set to be released Q4 2013 for the PC, Xbox 360, PS3 and next-generation consoles. Who doesn’t remember the classic Wolfenstein 3D from id Software released back in the good ol’ 90’s? The grandfather of all nazi-shooters, and the first game my father forbid me to […]

Evil approaches with Shinji Mikami’s upcoming title; The Evil Within

by Linkeon May 7, 2013
Bethesda recently announced that they’ll be releasing The Evil Within, which is the first work-in-progress from Shinji Mikami’s own studio Tango Gameworks. As Shinji-san is considered the father of survival horror, most famous for the creation of the Resident Evil series, my expectations on his new project are… quite high! With many horror titles turning […]

Gamex 2012

by Mark Lamyon November 3, 2012
At Gamex 2012, lets check this out!

Steam Summer Sale has started!

by Chikushoon July 13, 2012
Lots of great titles available at massively reduced prices during the Steam Summer Sale that will run July 12 to July 22. They’ve also added a “Community’s Choice” campaign where you get to vote on one of three games that will go on sale every 8 hours. There’s also some great pack deals where you […]