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Warframe is a weird game

by Chikushoon June 18, 2013
Or, How I stopped worrying and learned to love the ROBOT SPACE NINJAS

Mostly Dead Island, but also some DayZ and The Walking Dead, and why zombies are the best thing in gaming since health potions

by Linkeon May 7, 2013
Lately I’ve been completely and utterly engulfed by zombie themed games. This has made me realize that zombies are one of those things in gaming that are just perfect, because they can be used in so many different ways. Here I’d like to share with you some thoughts about the different games I’ve been playing, […]

Why Bioshock Infinite’s violence is necessary

by Chikushoon April 20, 2013
The violence depicted in Bioshock Infinite serves a number of very important purposes. As I’m about to argue, it’s a crucial element to the narrative, the world, the characters and the themes which Bioshock addresses. Pointing to this is the fact that the game itself is fully aware of its own brutality, and is constantly […]

Playstation 4 console details revealed

by KillerMjauon February 22, 2013
Finally some details about the new Playstation console, the PS4, was revealed at the press conference held on February 20th. The event kick off with a trip down memory lane with pictures and videos from all the previous systems, making the natural bridge over to “What’s next?”. So, what is the next move for Sony?

Preview: Windows 8, first impressions

by Linkeon May 8, 2012
Windows 8 has been in development for some time, and it is the successor to Microsoft’s much acclaimed operating system Windows 7.