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F-zero mute city

Some tips on great retro game tunes

by KillerMjauon November 10, 2014
OK, to start – there are way too many great and awesome retro game tunes out there and this post could in some cases just be compiled with music from one and the same game. We will do follow up post and give tips about great gaming music, retro and present, but this is a […]

I remember: Shadowgate – Enter at own risk

by KillerMjauon May 30, 2014
The tagline here – Enter at own risk, might insinuate that this would be a bad game, but in my opinion it is the complete opposite – this is one of my favorite NES games.

Gauntlet 2 – True grinding!

by KillerMjauon May 30, 2014
This might be my favorite game on The NES system. Just the possibility to together with one or more buddies take care of the endless on slaughter of beasts and monsters was more than enough for a young lad.

Chiptunes – the music for retro gamers

by KillerMjauon April 24, 2013
If you are like me and just can’t get enough of the amazing tracks that accompanied some of the classic gaming titles, here are some recommendations for some cool chiptune tracks. Hold on a minute, what the heck is chiptunes? Chiptunes, also known as “chip music”/”8 bit music” can be summed up as electronic music […]

NES Punch Out!! – Don’t let him see you cry!

by KillerMjauon February 25, 2013
Platform: Nintendo NES Publisher: Nintendo Developer: Nintendo Genre: Fighting   Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!! (yes, strangely enough it has two ‘!’ in the title) was released to the American audience in 1987 and the game is based on the arcade game Punch-Out!! Many of the characters was ported over to the Mike Tyson version. Even though […]