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Tiny Death Star: build your own battle station!

by on November 15, 2013

tiny death star

The Star Wars universe in a small package!

Basically a remake of a great game called Tiny Tower, but set in the great star wars universe!

In a nutshell tiny death star is a economic game where you have to balance between constantly building and resupplying all stores and levels.

Does that actually sound like a fun idea? Well, yes! If you liked the old classic Sim tower game and resource management games you will love to follow the development of adding one more level, getting someone their favorite job or finding one of those sneaky rebel spies.

The design is in a cute pixel art design and all the star wars characters looks amazing!

Is this just a star wars skin for an already made game then? Overall the basic game play is the same, but in tiny death star you have star wars related missions, small cut scenes to activate, building death star related levels etc. This makes it feel fresh and new from Tiny Tower.

Overall: this game is perfect to have when you are commuting to school or work. You need to sink in a lot of time if you want to get a natural flow in the game. The cute pixel design and the star wars side of it is s great combination and make it a pleasant experience.

Try it out today and may the force be with you!